CatCams Camshaft Mini cooper S R53 R50 R52 1.6 16v Tritec engines

 303,00 Tax excl.

The power gain of a MINI Cooper S (R53) is between /- 15 to 20 hp. This depends on engine setup, camshaft camshaft and software.

At all times, the software of the block must be adjusted to achieve the best result and to reduce the engine’s engine life.

The camshaft is good for use during normal street use. The durability is 263 degrees and the valve lift is 10.00 and 8.50 mm (inlet and outlet).

For more information about the type of camshaft (263 ° / 267 ° – 219 ° / 223 ° – 10.00 / 8.50 mm – 0.75 / 1.50 mm)

Suitable on all 1.6 16v also without supercharger always in stock 

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