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Additive fuel diesel Metabond Megasel Plus 250ml

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Metabond Megasel Plus contains valuable components to efficiently solve the listed problems. Metabond, the friction reducing agent chemically binds to metal atoms, forming a micromolecular microscopic layer, very close to the surface, thus increasing engine power and decreasing fuel consumption.


Metabond Megasel Plus burns completely without ash (does not contain metals or inorganic substances), is compatible with all types of fuel based on hydrocarbons and can not be extracted from the mixture. It prevents the formation of soot, decreases the percentage of partially burned gas (diesel smoke) and other harmful gases emitted.



Cleans and lubricates the injection system (pump, injectors) and the combustion chamber (pistons, cylinders, valves)
It produces 5-15% fuel savings
Increase cetane number by 8%
Prevents calamine deposition
It is anticorrosive, prevents the formation of rust
Reduces the amount of harmful gases emitted,
Improves combustion, increases power
Prevents the formation of bacteria, algae, soot
Prevents ice formation and facilitates cold start
Dissolves the deposits in the valves
It keeps the fuel in a clean state
Reduces maintenance and exploitation costs
It increases the life of engines, reduces their wear and tear.

Application fields:

Fuel treatment used in all types of diesel and turbo diesel engines with internal combustion, oil burners, diesel generators, etc.

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