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Air Intake RacingLine Vw A3 Golf Ea888 2.0Tsi VWR12G6GT

 299,00  293,00 Tax excl.

Vwr VWR12G6GT it’s a must for who wants improve his 2.0Tsi Vw Audi Engine ea888 Golf A3

Plug and play easy to install, immediate throttle response.

As well with a K04 Upgrade with 76mm flow

Yes the VWR RacingLine Cold Air Intake System is superior to typical aftermarket intakes because it utilizes the already effective factory cold-air routing, drawing air from outside the engine bay, avoiding power-robbing heat soak.

Developed for use in Volkswagen Racing cars, the VWR system produces proven power gains throughout the entire rpm range.

The larger diameter, fully-enclosed black anodized aluminum intake reduces airflow restriction, decreasing turbo spool time and enhancing overall turbo efficiency.

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