BMW M42B18 Cp Carrillo Custom Pistons 86.00mm 11.5 C.R.

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BMW M42B18 Cp Carrillo Custom Pistons 86.00mm 11.5 C.R.

You’re buying a set of Cp Carrillo CUSTOM ORDER. It means that this product is out catalog. We’re Wholesale Dealer Cp Carrillo, so we’re contantly in touch with factory for any your need, order or support

SPORTIGNITION Motorsport is a full engine and machine shop and can provide any machining or building services required for mild street to full race build. Email or give us a call!

The M42B18 has a displacement of 1,796 cc (109.6 cu in), which is achieved through a bore of 84 mm (3.3 in) and a stroke of 81 mm (3.2 in).


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CP Pistons have taken premium forged pistons to the highest level!

From building countless street performance and race engines, and experiencing literally dozens of piston manufactures; we know that these CP pistons made to our spec are the best pistons for your BMW high performance or racing engine available.
We keep in stock a variety of compression ratios and can also supply you with custom piston applications very quickly if need be.

Many pistons look alike, however; our CP Pistons use spot on clearances, specification, dimensions, and metallurgy that are specifically engineered to perfect compatibility with each BMW application and engine technology.

Please specify compression ratio when ordering above…
Don’t see what you need or have a question? Give us a call or email and we can help with any custom kit need.

  • Made from the best forgings available for uncompromising reliability and performance.
  • Made to the most accurate tolerances.
  • Sold in matched and balanced sets of 4.
  • Supplied with ultra high quality ring set, lightweight pins, and locks.


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