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Combo kit Wiseco Forged Pistons + K1 Forged rods Cosworth

 989,00 Tax excl.


Combo kit Wiseco Forged Pistons + K1 Forged rods Cosworth

Accepts Turbo and Nitrous; Full Round Skirt

Fits for

You’re Buying a combo kit Forged Rods K1 Technologies + Wiseco Forged Pistons with C.r. you prefer and Bore you need on menù.

Ford Cosworth Escort / Sierra – 2.0 16V (YB/N5)

All Wiseco Pistons listed here have follow specs (except the bores that you can choose on menù)



Wiseco compression ratio (CR)


OEM compression ratio (CR)


Dome volume (CC)


Compression height (CH)


Pin diameter


Armor Plated wiseco pistons have almost a bronze colored tint to the top of the piston and the wrist pin bore. Wiseco’s Armor Plating is an abrasion resistant plating that raises the hardness of the aluminum, increases the durability of the ring grooves, prevents micro-welding of the piston rings, reduces carbon buildup and combats corrosion caused by detonation. Wiseco’s most popular pistons now include Armor Plating.


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