Connecting Rods Zrp Vw Audi 1.8t 20v H.d. Rifle drilled

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Rifle Drilled for maximum lubrication in order to increase wrist pin longevity
ZRP rods come with 3/8″ ARP L19 bolts [rated to 260,000psi] that are 15% stronger than ARP2000.
Aluminum – silicon/ bronze bushing with radial groove
Dowel sleeves for perfect fit and accurate re-assembling.
Double ribbed cap for added strength and durability.
Double grooves in thrust face for weight reduction.
I-Beam Shape for extra rigidity
2 piece forgings from high tensile steel 4340.
ZRP laser mark logo.

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Top quality product. Elasticity ,Lightly and strong parts and forged billet Rods. Up to 900 Nm Torque the right solution for every works. For all Vag family 1.8t 20v engines.

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