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Dynodrome injectors Vw Audi 2.0Tfsi Stage 1 up to 600hp

 909,00 Tax excl.

Dynodrome injectors Vw Audi 2.0Tfsi Stage 2 EA113 VW AUDI TT S3 A3 A4 GOLF GTI GOLF R JETTA PASSAT ETC.

Do you installed a big turbo and now you need of more fuel and pressure injection ? This is the right fast and easy solution to conventional Audi S3 injectors.

With these matched Injectors (with harness included as picture) you’ll be able to reach over 500hp w.o. any problems, specially if you abbine them with a rail valve at least of 165 Bar. Stage 1. Larger nozzles with proper spray patent for durability over 180bar. (The nozzles are factory and not open) They do not produce blackheads like the classic rs4. Flawless operation just like the factory ones. 600 + hp supply for stage1 at 165bar.
Stage 1.Bigger tfsi injectors with current spray pattent for over 180bar. These injectors are OEM and not modifyed.No black smokes like rs4. Stage1 can handle 600 + hp at 165bar.
fits to any EA113 2.0tfsi engine.