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EFR7163 VAG 2.0TFSI Turbo Upgrade Kit Manifold Vw Audi

 2.320,00 Tax excl.

– fits to the exhaust side like the OEM turbo
– no potentially faulty manifold to turbine flange
– optimized flow and longevity
– turbocharger with state-of-the-art BorgWarner EFR Technology
– better spool up than comparable Garrett setup
– large turbine and housing for a performance exceeding a K04 upgrade
– increased performance and torque compared to a K04-Upgrade
– New designed stainless steel manifold with better flow

Performance: more than 500HP (available as EFR-6258 Upgrade up to 400HP and EFR-6758 up to 450HP as well)
Material: cast
a/r-Ratio: 0,64
Flange: OEM TFSI to cylinder head and to downpipe

Complete kit includes:
– Exhaust manifold with integrated turbine housing and wastegate
– BorgWarner EFR-67163 turbocharger
– customized wastegate actuator
– extension for actuator


Fits to engine and downpipe like the OEM turbocharger

You’re buying a bolt-on PLUG&PLAY EFR turbocharger for all variations of VAG 2.0 TFSI engines. Bolt-on means the turbo fits 1:1 to the exhaust side. Only the air intake side has to be customized according to the vehicle. During the development of this kit we purposefully rejected the common approach of separate manifold and turbine housing. Since manifold / turbine compounds are widely used by OEM manufacturers we deemed this solution to be the best. Compound manifolds integrate the turbine housing and the manifold into a single piece. This approach optimizes exhaust gas flow and minimizes loss of enthalpy thereby increasing spool up and overall efficacy. In addition the number of flange connections which are prone to leaking is reduced particularly at a point of high temperature and pressure stress. All in all this is the optimal solution for performance, spool up and longevity.
This compound-style piece is fitted to the exhaust side the same way as the OEM K03 or K04. Despite of a significantly larger turbocharger rated 500+ HP respectively 400 HP or 450HP (EFR-6258 or EFR-6758) due to the excellent properties of the EFR turbos a much better spool up can be achieved compared to a Garrett setup. Compared to any K04 the much larger turbine wheel actually allows you to achieve a performance of 500+ HP. Respectively the torque is significantly improved, compared to a K04 setup. The installation requires the customization of pressure pipes, intake as well as oil and water lines which can be supplied by us. As downpipe a Plug and Play TFSI downpipe can be used or re-used should you already have a K04 retrofit or K04 upgrade turbo mounted.

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