Garrett Gtx3071r 2nd gen T3 V-band Ar .82 851154-5002s

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Garrett Gtx3071r 2nd gen T3 V-band Ar .82 851154-5002s

Garrett Gtx3071r 2nd gen T3 V-band Ar .82 851154-5002s

Newest Garrett GTX 2. Generation Turbocharger

340 – 650 HP for 1.8 – 3.0 L, T3 inlet – V-Band outlet – Single Scroll – A/R 0,82

The 2. Gen. GTX Turbocharger is the newest what Garrett has to offer. All Gen II Turbocharger come with the following technical features:
– Gen II Aero billet forged compressor wheel
– High-flow compressor housing with preparation for the accommodation of an optional speed sensor
– Direction of rotation: standard right
– Ceramic dual ball bearing
– Inconel turbine wheel
– Water and oil cooling
– External wastegate
– Replaces: 836042-5002S
– Delivery contains: Turbocharger with mounting kit, turbine housing and V-Band clamp (outlet)

Compressor side:
Inlet: 54.00mm
Outlet: 71.00mm
Trim: 58
A/R: 0.60

Turbine side:
Inlet: 60.00mm
Outlet: 55.00mm
Trim: 84
A/R: 0.82

Compressor housing

The new aero optimized high-flow compressor housings are with integrated preparations for an optional speed sensors are tuned for the new GTX compressor wheels. The improved recirculation systems - compared to Gen I - broaden the operation range of the compressor substantially due to the relocation of the surge line.


All Garrett GTX are equipped with water cooling and the Gen 2 always comes with a dual ball bearing.

Turbine wheel

The turbine wheels are made of inconel which withstands highest exhaust temperatures.

Turbine Housing

The turbine housing are available by your choice without wastegate, with wastegate, as single scroll and as twin scroll.

Excellent spool maximum power declared by the parent company from 340 to 650hp. Fluid technology significantly improved, with lightened and reinforced Inconel impellers, lightweight bearings for minor inertias, compressor and housing machined from solid. Price reported with Garrett T3 Vband exhaust housing

 1.290,00 VAT excl.

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