High capacity oil pan BMW BMS Billet Aluminum DCT transmission

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High capacity oil pan BMW BMS Billet Aluminum DCT transmission

Better DCT Clutch Performance, Cooling, & Longer Transmission Life

Everyone knows that heat is the enemy of your automatic transmission. And everyone knows that higher power levels generate more transmission fluid heat. Now you can extend the life of your automatic transmission by installing the Burger Motorsports high capacity billet DCT racing transmission pan. Replaces your shallow factory plastic DCT pan for better transmission cooling, performance, and longevity. Machined from lightweight billet aluminum this pan features large cooling fins and more oil capacity which allows for cooler transmission temperatures. On some vehicles, the transmission undertray will need to be removed or cut to install the high-capacity pan. Made in the USA.

Burger Tuning DCT Transmission Pan S55 BMW M3 M4 M2 Comp

New rubber pan gasket and filter included.

Replaces OE part numbers 28108070791 and 28107842385

Burger Tuning DCT Transmission Pan S55 BMW M3 M4 M2 Comp


  • CNC machined from high quality 6061 billet aluminum in the USA
  • Large heat sink fins keep the DCT trans fluid cooler and dissipates heat faster for better clutch performance & longer transmission life
  • Holds double the capacity of the factory pan, an additional 1 1/8 quarts further improving transmission cooling and service life
  • Retains trans fluid filter and magnet
  • Retains trans pan gasket and fittings for a leak and trouble-free installation
  • Includes enhancements and O-rings and/or gaskets that are required for filter installation
  • New rubber pan gasket and filter included
  • BMS pan thickness 1.940" (49.27mm)
  • Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  • For racing and street applications


All DCT M2/M3/M4
All DCT 135i
All DCT 335is
All DCT F10 M5
All F12/F13/F06 M6

Customer Reviews

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This pan is made in the USA quality. After some street and track testing, I can safely say the BMS billet trans pan is an excellent upgrade for DCT transmissions. Temps stay cool and I love the extra oil volume.



Used it for 7 months with Redline DCTF oil and had to recently change the oil and gasket out due to a hump impact. To my surprise, the oil is still in original brown colour when it was drained out! Shows that the fins and the extra oil volume really works in terms of the cooling aspects. Only downside is the lowered diameter and have to careful on ramps/humps.



I can say this mod fits well and works well. Trans temps definitely dropped even after multiple runs.



Trans temps stayed noticeably cooler with the BMS DCT even after 20+ consecutive laps. No need to buy all new oil when doing the pan swap. You can reuse the factory DCT oil and only purchase 2 more quarts of Pentosin FFL 2 DCT Fluid #1038107.

$ 809.00 VAT excl.


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