I.E. Connecting Rods 1.8t 20v 2.0tfsi Vw Audi rifle drilled

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High-strength milled from the solid
Suitable for extreme power increases up to approx. 1000 hp
Extremely light and very stable
Magnaflux is inspected
4 pieces per set
Dimensions. 144x20mm
With ARP 2000 expansion bolts 3/8 ”
ARP Mounting paste
Weight per rod with screws only 599gramm
With additional bore for piston pin lubrication
Precisely angled and getest in our house

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Adding larger a larger turbo or more boost to your VW/Audi 4 cylinder engine? Upgrade the weak links in your block and keep your engine together reliably with IE’s market leading Volkswagen and Audi forged connecting rods!

Integrated Engineering Forged Connecting Rods are designed to replace the factory units and take the beating from today’s high-output power modifications. Drive fast and reliably with IE performance rods, guaranteed to support 700HP

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Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 20 × 15 cm


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