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IE billet Valve cover Vw Audi 2.0tfsi IEBAVC5-BK

 479,00 Tax excl.

Update the look of your ugly stock plastic valve cover to a show-ready one piece machined billet aluminum IE valve cover on your 2.0T FSI (EA113) engine!


IE billet aluminum valve covers for the 2.0T FSI EA113 (timing belt driven) engines are a direct replacement for your factory valve cover for a clean updated look over the stock plastic valve cover. Designed as a perfect solution for a show-ready look or the base for your custom catch can project.


IEBAVC5 Billet valve cover IE Updating OEM plastic cover, replaces the factory breather setup for a single -10AN breather outlet requiring you to run a custom catch can kit setup. IE has taken the leg work out of piecing together a catch can kit for transverse mounted 2.0T FSI engines commonly found in VW MK6 Golf R, MK5 GTI, Jetta, GLI and Audi MK2 TT, TTS, and A3 among others. This catch can kit includes everything you need to completely install the IE billet valve cover breather system. IE Part Number: IEBACC3


  • Audi – A4 2005-2008 (B7) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines
  • Audi – A6 2005-2011 (C6) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines
  • Audi – A6 Allroad 2005-2011 (C6) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines
  • Audi – TT 2008-2015 (MK2 – 8J) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines*
  • Audi – TTS 2008-2015 (MK2 – 8J) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines
  • Audi – A3 2006-2013 (MK2 – 8P) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines*
  • Audi – S3 2006-2013 (MK2 – 8P) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines
  • VW – GTI 2006-2009 (MK5) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines*
  • VW – Golf R 2012-2012 (MK6) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines
  • VW – Jetta & Jetta GLI 2006-2010 (MK5) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines*
  • VW – Passat 2006-2010 (B6) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines*
  • VW – EOS 2006-2015 (1F7) 2.0T FSI (EA113) engines*

*This billet valve cover will only work on early model 2.0T EA113 engines. You can verify your the correct engine if it is in the above chassis and is driven by a timing belt. If your engine is driven by a timing chain, you have an EA888 Gen1/Gen2 TSI engine and is not compatible with billet valve covers.



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