IE Tuscan Connecting Rods VW Audi 144X20 Fits 1.8T 20V, 2.0TFSI 9A/Agu/Kr/Ht/Gn

IE Tuscan Connecting Rods VW Audi 144X20 Fits 1.8T 20V, 2.0TFSI 9A/Agu/Kr/Ht/Gn

Application Specific Engineering
Each model is detailed out with a unique feature set that ensures proper operation within the unique demands of that engine. There is a particular emphasis placed on providing a stable foundation for the connecting rod bearing. By providing a stable platform for the rod bearing, much higher reliability is possible. For that reason, the feature set is not consistent across all models of IE Tuscan rods.

Torture Tested Reliability
IE Tuscan rods for turbocharged applications feature a robust I-Beam design for incredible bending and torsional stiffness. Additionally, an extensive iterative process lead to the unique Egg shape of our rod beams, which lowers stresses as much as 20% compared to less evolved designs. This shape very evenly distributes the high compressive loading from a turbocharged engine onto the connecting rod beam. We then validated this success with over 18 months of field testing, powering numerous 4 cylinder VW / Audi engines with over 1000 bhp! In addition to being tough, IE Tuscan rods are also designed to minimize unnecessary weight on the connecting rod for an ultra balanced weight to strength ratio.  Our engineering staff has spent countless hours trimming the fat- leaving exactly what is needed to get the reliability you want, with the weight you don’t.

Finished And Quality Controlled In USA
This level of attention to detail is mirrored in the manufacturing details as well. Each set of Tuscan connecting rods are honed in the USA to tolerances of around 250 millionths of an inch! This ensures amazing bearing reliability you really cannot find elsewhere in this price range. These rods are as round and true as any rods money can buy.




1.8T 20V with OEM & aftermarket pistons Engine Codes: AEB, AGU, AMK, AMU, APX, APY, ATC, AYP, BAM, BEA

1.8T 20V with aftermarket pistons only Engine Codes: AMB, ARX, ARY, ATW, AUM, AWM, AWP, AWW, BJX

2.0T FSI EA113 with aftermarket pistons only Engine Codes: AXX, BGB, BPG, BPJ, BPY, BUL, BW, BWE, BWT, BYK, BHZ, BYD, BZC, CDLA, CDLB, CDLC, CDLF, CDLG, CDMA, CRZA

2.0L 8V with aftermarket pistons only Engine Codes: AEH, AZG

1.8L 8V with OEM & aftermarket pistons Engine Code: JH

1.8L 8V G60 with aftermarket pistons only Engine Code: PG

2.0L 16V with OEM and aftermarket pistons Engine Codes: 9A, KR, PL


Tuscan connecting rods represent the leading edge of technology for bottom end strength, reliability, and light weight. Our Engineering staff utilizes the most modern technology to optimize these rods to a level never before seen at the enthusiast level.  Give your engine a reliably strong connecting rod set that is rated for engines up to 1000BHP!

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