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Kompact EM Series Dual Port Blow Off Valve

 290,00 Tax excl.

Plug-and-Play Dual Port vents both to the atmosphere and back into the air intake – Increased performance due to minimized leakage and rapid response!

Turbosmart has developed a unique “plug and play” blow off valve upgrade for your vehicle that is currently equipped with an electronic diverter valve. While we have developed this unit to be as simple as possible for you to install, we have not compromised on performance. This unit will not leak under elevated boost pressures and will still provide you with rapid response ensuring that all the OEM calibration strategies are not interfered with, providing you with maximum boost performance while the advanced strategies of the OEM’s are retained.
The EM series BOV is available in two configurations, Dual Port (BOV) and Plumb Back (Diverter). This valve is particular is the ‘Dual Port’ model, which both vents to the atmosphere and reverts back to the intake tract.  The functionality of the valves is still the same, there is no performance difference between the two units, it is a personal preference if the user wishes to utilize a classic vent to atmosphere sound or revert all bypass gasses back into the inlet tract of the turbocharger.
Key Features Include:
Patent pending integrated pressure control
True plug and play upgrade
Integrated proprietary high-temperature solenoid valve
Billet construction with high-temperature o-rings
Available in plumb back or dual port options (This valve in particular is a duel port, blow off valve style)

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