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MAHLE VW 1.8t 20v 2.0tfsi Race Main bearings

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MAHLE VW 1.8t 20v 2.0tfsi Race Main bearings

Spec. Features

Suitable on

2.0L TFSI EA113
all 1.8T engines
all G60 engines
1.8L 16V engines (KR & PL)
2.0L 16V engines (9A & ABF)
1.8L-2.0L 8V engines

MAHLE Motorsport bearings are the highest quality bearings designed to withstand higher engine performance.
Longer engine life through special coatings. The main bearing shells are provided with a stable oil supply with oil holes and an additional circumferential groove.
MAHLE also manufactures bearings for Formula 1 engines.

Other advantages:

High strength despite reduced thickness.
The improved oil drilling improves the oil film.
Best lubrication properties through circumferential groove
Optimal for high performance increases

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