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Main bearing Girdle Vw Audi 2.0tfsi Ea113 belt transmission

 1.119,00  1.005,00 Tax excl.

Standard Kit includes:

  • Zinc girdle plate
  • Spacers for girdle plate
  • ARP main stud kit
  • longer oilpump chain
  • longer screw for oil pump
  • longer screw for oil pan
  • RACE oil pump
  • 06A oil filter housing adapter plate kit
  • Oil pump drive gear
  • Oil pump chain tensioner
  • Installation instruction
  • Price shown

Ultimate Kit includes:
All parts from the standard kit plus the billet main caps. +200 euro

Main Bearing Girdle for all four cylinder 2.0 TFSI. For use without Balancer Assembly. Must convert to 06A style chain driven oil pump (supplied). Fit’s 06D, 06F, and 06J belt driven engines only.


VW and Audi blocks are notorious for a lack of lateral support at the crankshaft center line. This lack of support can lead to the block and crankshaft bending under high loads. This can lead to excessive bearing wear and block failure. The main bearing girdle prevents distortion and misalignment of the main bearings under extreme performance applications. A must for all high boost turbo applications. Supplied with main studs, nuts, washers, cap spacers, and pump chain. The main bearing girdle also acts as an oil scraper due to its unique design. Installation requires machining of individual bearing cap spacers.

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