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Metabond Eco Engine treatment Diesel Patrol Lpg

 38,00 Tax excl.

METABOND ECO is the most modern nobilizer of metal surfaces for its nanotechnology and its components. The product reduces the friction of 40-60%, increases the efficiency of the engine, increasing its technical life.

METABOND ECO can only be used in car engines (Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Methane), with FAP or without.
It can be used both for new and used cars (also very kilometers). It can be added both in new oil and little used (with some thousands of km). The oil change before treatment is not mandatory, the important thing is that the oil in which it is added is not too old, to be changed (because the Metabond will be wasted).

METABOND ECO is a metal surface nobilizer with an exceptional effect of reducing friction and improving lubrication, which also contains ceramic particles that repair the existing wear of the engine.

Recommended for new and used engines, added to the lubricant recommended by the manufacturer. Thanks to the ennobling of the surfaces, the product significantly increases the service life of the engine.
In most motor vehicles, 25% of the energy produced by the fuel is lost in the engine, bearings, gears, pistons, camshafts, valves, gearboxes, gears, sprockets, gear wheels, drive shafts, shaft drives, differentials, due to friction.
The very low coefficient of friction, obtained with METABOND ECO, facilitates engine operation, allowing an increase in performance and a reduction in fuel, oil and spare parts consumption.

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