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Metabond Megalene 100ml patrol additive

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Lubricates the cylinder head, the carburetor and the injection system
It improves the internal combustion of the engine, increases the power
Cleans the fuel lines
Dissolves the deposits in the valves
Prevents dilution with false air
Prevents the deposit of calamine and calcareous deposits
It is anticorrosive, prevents the formation of rust
Reduces the amount of harmful gases emitted with 70% depending on the state of wear
It increases the life of engines, reduces their wear and tear
Facilitates cold start
Reduces maintenance and exploitation costs
It produces a fuel economy of 5-15%
Increases the octane
Eliminates self-ignition when the engine is switched off
Eliminates ice formation in the fuel system

Metabond Megalene Plus is recommended for treating gasoline. It can be added to any type of petrol, even to unleaded petrol used in engines with catalyst. It can also be used in 2-stroke engines only in petrol or in the mixture formed. Bio-ethanol can not be used in the fuel.

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