Mini Cooper N14 1.6 Turbo 16v CP Carrillo Forged Pistons 77mm Std. CR(9.5)

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CP Forged Piston & Ring Set (Set Of 4) – 77mm (Standard Size) CR(9.5)

Performance pistons in standard size
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CP Pistons Mini Cooper piston std size 77mm bore and c..r.9.5.1 SC7513 ring kits are as good as they come. Founded to service the needs of those with the desire to build engines of the highest quality and technology, CP Piston uses proprietary tooling, dedicated cutters, unique fixtures, and state-of-the-art equipment to produce superior pistons that will not compromise your expectations. Their climate-controlled inspection department is the most advanced in the industry and is outfitted with computerized electronic equipment specifically designed for their needs. Each piston is engineered using sophisticated computer modeling for optimum designs, while their 5-axis machining capability enables them to create any piston for any application.

Additional features include:

* Some pistons are suitable for turbo, nitrous oxide, and supercharged engines
* Available in standard or oversized
* Deep valve relief depth accommodates high-lift camshaft
* Made for +1mm valve sizes
* Custom skirt cam and barrel design
* Accumulator grooves
* High-strength aluminum forgings
* Can be compatible with oversize valves, higher lift cams, and high performance rings
* Fully CNC-machined and balanced to +/-1 gram
* Wrist pins included at no additional cost
* Double pin oilers, force fed oil ring
* Pick lock grooves for easy lock removal
* Pin fitting included

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