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Msd Distributor Volkswagen old model Beetle Msd 8485

 300,00 Tax excl.

Features and equipment

Modular in 24 different configurations for advance adjustments

Anti-friction insulated steel for an excellent speed and resistance ratio

Using the technology acquired with the construction of off-road distributors and NASCAR races,
MSD offers this rod distributor for the popular VW series volkswagen engine.
A maintenance-free magnetic contact is capable of triggering the MSD ignition.
This contact has a precision of 1 ° in any number of turns so as to worry at high speed.
The contact is triggered by a precision reluctance and is connected to a hardened steel shaft.
For greater stability, a sealed ball bearing is used to guide the shaft.
As each engine application is different, the MSD distributor link offers an easy-to-adjust feed assembly.
Simply changing the advance springs and quitting bushing can tune in 24 different advance curves.
Note: must be used with a Msd series 6 or 7 ignition module

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