Msd SB6 Kawasaki ZX1400 Suzuki Hayabusa Module

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At the end of each execution it is possible to review up to 12 seconds of power on information including RPM limits, time changes, boost pressure, shift indicator activation. The SB-6 offers control over your bike that you need to perform. Once the wiring is connected at the factory, you can choose from 10 pre-programmed time curves, or connect the PC to the USB port and start mapping. You can program timing maps, speed limits, shift points and much more with the easy-to-use pro-data software.

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Fast sometimes just is not enough. That’s why MSD developed the SB-6 for two of the fastest bikes
Kawasaki ZX1400 and Suzuki Hayabusa.

The advanced controls of the SB-6 offer programming and tuning features where pilots have never been able to access a direct ignition control plug-in.
For more advanced tuning, you can connect your PC via the convenient USB port of the MSD and immerse yourself in a world of optimization opportunities.
To make more consistent runs on the track it is possible to set a speed limit which is active when the clutch switch is on (and only on the launch).

There is also a versatile step advance delay that is useful in nitrogen times.

Other unique features include the ability to map an advance curve or even a diagram based on the widely pushed pressures.
So that programs are advancing along with performance, the SB6 includes data acquisition.

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