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Okada Vw Audi 3.2L V6 VR6 R32 Mk4 Mk5 Coils

 859,00 Tax excl.

Okada Vw Audi 3.2L V6 VR6 R32 Mk4 Mk5 Coils

always new products with original manufacturer’s warranty help to ensure reliability on each processing and accuracy in fine-tuning. Okada projects worldwide leader in the Motorsport industry ignitions guarantees performance without changing your engine. Kit plug and play. GET MORE POWER INSTANTLY (CA. +3HP EACH CYLINDER)

The perfection of each processing on tuning is not only turbo kit or increase cylinders. But also and especially by the right ignitions. Motorsport coils ensure excellence at every stage of processing both soft and hard. They manage to give from 3 to 5cv for each cylinder, in addition to the gas responses much more immediate and take response without delays or hesitation in acceleration. these are details that allow calculations to be one step ahead of the others that inexperience and ignorance do not cure.

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