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Precision turbo 5858 cea billet double ball bearings v-band v-band ar .62 or .84

 1.509,00 Tax excl.

This turbo is between a gtx3076 and gtx3582 Garrett. The difference is a good and fast spool. For this reason it’s a Must for all engines between 1.6cc to 3.2cc.

Inconel cartridges are the best for lightness and  strength.


Compressor Wheel Inducer: 58mm
Exhaust Wheel Exducer: 58mm
Exhaust Housing A/R: .82
Exhaust Housing Inlet: V-Band
Exhaust Housing Outlet: V-Band
Compressor Housing: “SP” – 4.0″/2.5″ Ported Shroud
HP Rating: 620-650