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Saenz Performance rods Audi Vw 2.0Tfsi Ea113 1.8t 20v 20mm pin

 790,00 Tax excl.

We’re proud to be teamed up with Saenz Performance as dealer. Please see below for a description of the desired product from their website:
Our Performance Series rods are our tier one off the shelf product. They are available in 4340 with ARP 2000 and 300M with ARP 625.
We purchase our steel (4340 & 300M) in the USA and comes with Military & Industrial Certifications.

The Volkswagen/Audi Pin 20 Performance Series Rods can handle up to 900HP (4340 Version) and 1200HP (300M Version)

Saenz Performance Gurantees the quality of the steel, the forging, the heat treatment process and the dimensional sizes.

Rated For up to: 

4340 Version: 900 HP

300M Version: +1200 HP


Arp L19

Model Engine Code: VW20

C.T.C. Measurement: 5.669 (in.) / 144  (mm)

Bolt Size: 3/8

Pin Width: 0.980 (in.) / 24.90 (mm)

Big End Width: 0.980 (in.) / 24.9 (mm)

Big Bore: 1.992 (in.) / 50.6 (mm)

Pin Bore: 0.787 (in.) / 20 (mm)


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