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SNOW PERFORMANCE Stage 3 Boost Cooler Water-Methanol

 789,00 Tax excl.

SNOW PERFORMANCE Stage 3 Water Methanol Injection Kit Diesel (Universal)
(Red High Temp Nylon Tubing, Quick-Connect Fittings) diesel engines fit also on patrol engines

Snow Performance has combined performance,quality, and ease of installation in this new water-methanol injection kit designed for all turbo diesel owners who demand colder EGTs while towing heavy loads. The Diesel Stage 3 Boost Cooler utilizes a 2D mapped controller that commands injection based on boost pressure and EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures)to maintain extremely cold air inlet temperatures, 100-300 EGT decreases,decreased emissions, cleaner engine components, and increased fuel economy all while giving 65+ HP to help pull large hills with easy effort while towing. A must have for the diesel enthusiast that is concerned about the longevity of his truck that sees heavy towing. None invasive, the Diesel Stage 3 Boost Cooler controller is designed to mount on the steering column or the dash so no drilling/marring of the interior needs to take place or additional gauge pods need to be purchased.Functions as a boost gauge, water-meth controller and EGT monitor all in one!Concerned about warranty?

The Snow Performance Stage 3 does not leave a signature on the vehicle leaving your diesel truck with its warranty intact. 7Gal Tank included for trip ready installation. Recommended for all daily driven diesel vehicles that see heavy towing where EGTs become dangerously high. Need a CARB E.O.# for your state? No problem! This system is 50-State Legal!(C.A.R.B E.0.# D-723).

  • Features
  • U.S.A. Made
  • Adjustable Progressive Water Methanol Engagement & Monitoring
  • Recommended For Street Driven Turbo and Centrifigal Supercharger Applications
  • 100% Methanol Resistant (Stainless Steel, Nickel Plating, Hard Anodizing, EPDM)
  • Snow Performance Hyper-Sonic Water Methanol Nozzle
  • Snow Performance ACU-SEAL Water Methanol Compression Fittings

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