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Stainless steel full exhaust Mini Countryman S Jcw Sd

 795,00 Tax excl.


Sound decidedly dark and not dulled. Good taste, style and sportiness Entirely in steel resonance as only steel can give Personalization of the end pieces with straight or oblique cut diameters etc From the downpipe to the end with free or silent control unit All direct approval with paper certificate

Click here for youtube demo

Each engine is a set of instruments that together must form an orchestra.

And like all the orchestras “must make” and “play wonderfully”

Realization of downpipe catalysts or decat tubes
Collectors and quality discharges comply with your needs or specifications.

Delivery torque gains and above all grit and horses that express themselves letting the gloomy or raucous sound cover the silence of cars now all the same.

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