TiAL® GT30 Stainless Steel V-Band Turbine Housing Gtx30 Garrett Genuine

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  • TiAL GT30 Housing Features:
  • For GT and GTX 30 Series Turbos
  • Compatible with the 60mm 84 trim turbine wheel
  • Approximately 33% turbo weight reduction vs. iron housings
  • Cast stainless steel provides a beautiful smooth finish inside and out
  • Smaller physical dimensions than standard housing for tight engine bays
  • Inconel bolts for vibration and stretching resistance in extreme applications
  • Locking tabs included for high vibration and stretching resistance in extreme applications
  • Full V-Band Utilization eliminates the need for bolts and gaskets
  • V-Band inlet design allows for pivoting of the turbo to aid clearance issues and tight fits
  • Available with (3) A/R options: 0.63, 0.82 or 1.06
  • Better heat retention than cast iron
  • What’s included with the housing:
  • Turbine Housing
  • (3) Moon Tabs
  • (6) Inconel Bolts
  • (3) Locking Tabs
  • Also available:
  • V-band Inlet Flange – Counterbored for 2-1/8″ OD Tubing (GTVFL3.0)
  • V-band Inlet Clamp (VC300)
  • V-band Outlet Flange – Counterbored for 3″ OD Tubing (VBF300M)
  • V-band Outlet Clamp (VC355)
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TiAL® GT30 V-band Turbo Housings are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure long lasting performance. These compressor housings are physically smaller than traditional cast turbo housings and offer nearly a 33% weight reduction. TiAL® Turbine Housings are designed to mate with Garrett® GT Series Turbocharger’s and are offered in a variety of A/R sizes. Typically a smaller A/R will offer quicker spooling for better response at lower RPM’s. The downside to choosing a lower A/R is that you sacrifice peak power at high RPM’s due to the higher exhaust back pressure. Therefore, if your goal is to reach peak horsepower and aren’t worried about response times, then a higher A/R would be better suited for you needs. Typically higher A/R compressor housings are chosen for racing applications and lower A/R’s are chosen for street applications.

Note: These housings will not work with the 700177-23 GT3071R CHRA, the heat shield is different, you must use the 700177-22 CHRA


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