Upgraded coil Msd 8240 Ford Dis-2 6514

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To be used only with the 6514 Dis-2 control unit Many use it without but its operation is not linear because it is designed to follow nanosecond pulses we do not suggest this change To be used coupled with the programming of the aforementioned Msd control unit. After this you will be able to replace the direct coils you have in your engine making the combustion over 500 hp almost perfect and up to about 700hp, also regulating the departures torque and timing not only torque but also length and set the departures for Drag slalom races Race Track etc

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This beautiful coil provides much more current and voltage than the classic 8239 used in various sets and also for the Chrysler Dodge Mini.
It differs because it is able to maintain a precision of the nanosecond spark and for this reason it is compatible as well as recommended for use with the 6514 control unit race and drag Dis-2
It must be set by the controller’s trimmer.

Four tower high output coil designed exclusively for the MSD Programmable Midget Ignition.


  • Designed to be used with the MSD Midget Ignition
  • 83:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output
  • Secondary towers designed for snap on spark plug terminals
  • Primary terminals require Ford style connector provided with Midget Ignition
  • No CARB Exemption Order Number

To this end, the set can be completed with the Launch Control 7551 as in the picture

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