WAGNERTUNING Comp. Intercooler kit Audi RS6 C6 4F

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Comp. Intercooler kit Audi RS6 C6 4F

Inlet diameter: Ø64mm (like OEM) and outlet diameter: Ø60mm (like OEM)

OEM intercooler:
V = 4.88 L.
A = 637 cm²

WAGNERTUNING intercooler:
V = 8.73 L (+ 79%)
A = 637 cm²

Scope of delivery:
2 intercoolers coated black (right / left)
1 water cooler coated black
1 crossbar coated black
4 water hoses
1 assembly material
1 installation instructions

Not approved in the area of ​​the STVO.

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Competition INTERCOOLER KIT for Audi RS6 C6 4F 426KW / 580PS (2008-2010)

The WAGNERTUNING high-performance intercooler has a new competition network (tube fin), which was specially developed for the high demands of the Audi RS6 C6. Our newly developed HD fin type is used to enable the best possible performance. The external dimensions per intercooler net correspond to 283 mm x 225 mm x 90 mm + 283 mm x 193 mm x 55 mm (tiered network: 8.73 liters). This high-performance network therefore offers 79% more external network volume than the original charge air cooler.

As usual, the cast aluminum end boxes were constructed in CAD and optimized with the help of CFD simulations (for an ideal internal airflow). The result is excellent cooling properties with minimal back pressure. So this kit is just right for racing. Optimal cooling of the charged air with a significant increase in performance!

The original air ducts can still be used. The original auxiliary water coolers are replaced by the water coolers included in the kit and placed in the front behind the new crossbar. The assembly takes place at the original attachment points and is easy to carry out (plug and play).

An anti-corrosion coating with excellent thermal conductivity protects the WAGNERTUNING intercooler from any environmental influences, which can guarantee a permanent and optimal cooling effect. All of our products are subject to constant qualitative monitoring.


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