WAGNERTUNING Comp. Intercooler kit Audi S4 B9/S5 F5

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WAGNERTUNING Comp. Intercooler kit Audi S4 B9/S5 F5

WAGNERTUNING Comp. Intercooler kit Audi S4 B9/S5 F5 CODE  200001120.KITSINGLE

Dimensions of the original intercooler:
720mm x 145mm x 80mm
V = 8.35 liters
A = 1044 cm²

Dimensions WAGNERTUNING intercooler:
550mm x 445mm x 70mm
V = 17.13 liters
A = 2447 cm²

Scope of delivery:
1 intercooler (black coated)
1 aluminum charge air pipe (black coated) / optional

3 reinforced silicone hoses (black) / optional

1 assembly material
1 assembly instructions

Not approved in the area of ​​the STVO.

Audi S4 B9 3.0TFSI 260KW / 354PS (2016+)
Audi S5 F5 3.0TFSI 260KW / 354PS (2016+)

The Competition high-performance intercooler has the following network dimensions (550mm x 445mm x 70mm = 17,130cm³) and thus offers a 134% larger inflow area and 105% more charge air volume than the original charge air cooler. The Competition high-performance network is a high-quality tube fin network with internal turbulators. Despite its size, the total weight of the intercooler is only 9.5kg. The end boxes of the intercooler are made of cast aluminum and were optimized with the help of flow analyzes in the CFD system.
The connection diameters are Ø62mm at the intercooler inlet and Ø67mm at the intercooler outlet. This kit is optionally available with complete charge air piping. This includes 3 reinforced silicone hoses and 1 aluminum charge air pipe.
The result is excellent cooling properties with minimal back pressure. In addition, all of our intercoolers have an anti-corrosion coating with thermal conductivity. This guarantees permanent and optimal cooling with a significant increase in performance. Completely ready-to-install kit, simply replace with serial intercooler - plug and play. Tested up to 6 bar and pressure stable. All of our products are subject to constant qualitative monitoring. Suitable for racing.



 746,00 VAT excl.

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