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Wavetrac 56.309.195WK FORD FOCUS ST MK3 ECOBOOST 2.0T MMT6

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Warranty Autotech Driveline warrants each new Wavetrac® Differential against defects in manufacture, material, workmanship, and wear-out when used in the vehicle application for which it was originally designed, on any motor vehicle, under any and all operating conditions, including racing, for as long as the original purchaser or any subsequent purchaser owns the differential. The registrant must present a copy of this warranty together with a copy of the original receipt to the service outlet or parts store from whom the differential was originally purchased when making a claim for replacement or repair. All warranty claims submitted must include proof of purchase. Failure to provide proper documentation renders warranty null and void. Exclusion from Warranty Coverage: The warranty does not apply to any Wavetrac® Differential which (a) has been improperly installed, installed in vehicles for which it was not designated, (b) has been modified or altered by the actual user or dealer or distributor, (c) has been improperly assembled by the purchaser or his agent, (d) has been operated in Shockproof® oil, or (e) was not sold by Autotech Driveline or through an authorized Autotech Driveline dealer or distributor. more details on –

Applications for

2018 Ford Focus
2017 Ford Focus
2016 Ford Focus
2015 Ford Focus
2014 Ford Focus
2013 Ford Focus
2012 Ford Focus

Patented design automatically improves grip in low traction conditions
9310 steel gears run in case-hardened billet or forged steel bodies
As supplied new, the Wavetrac® differential will perform a lifetime of service without maintenance or rebuilds
The Wavetrac® was born in the minds of engineers that have been involved in torque-biasing gear differential design since its early days: they knew the advantages. They knew the drawbacks. The Wavetrac was the opportunity to take the gear limited slip to the next level. To leverage the advantages. To solve the drawbacks. The result – A Better Differential: Improved function, patented technologies. Not just another clone. The Wavetrac is truly innovative and unlike any other torque biasing differential design.

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