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Wiseco Pistons K630m83 Turbo Nissan Silvia ca18det

 469,00 Tax excl.

Engines: 1.8 Ltr 16V
Displacement: 1809cc
Engine code: CA18DET
Bore: 83.00mm
Stroke: 83.60mm
Rod length: 133.00mm

Head: 51.00cc
OEM compression ratio: 8.0:1
Block height: 204.75mm
OEM head gasket thickness: 1.50mm

Kit comes complete with 4 pistons, rings, and piston to rod pins and rings. Valve pocket designs maximizes flow around valves. Oversize valves and high lift camshafts can be utilized. Pistons crown shapes designed to promote maximum intake charge efficiency through CROSS FLOW during intake and exhaust valve overlap. Complex Piston skirt profiles and coatings reduce power robbing friction, prolong piston life, and increase horsepower

Product Information :

Wiseco brings over 60 years of experience to the import world. These years include developing pistons in Formula 1, Indy Racing League, and NHRA Pro Stock. This racing technology allows Wiseco to bring the latest innovations in piston technology to the Sport Compact market.

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