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Msd Marine Ignition Module 6564

 377,00 Tax excl.

Immediate switch-on thanks to multi-sparks with more than 500 volts per millisecond Wiring and assembly instructions supplied Warranty 1 year made as each product 7 days.

The MSD 6M2 ignition controller is designed for marine performance applications where high energy and reliable ignition are required. The capacitive discharge (CD) design from MSD produces powerful sparks over the entire speed range of your boat. Under 3000 rpm provides multiple sparks in the cylinder at 20 degrees of rotation of the crankshaft, which makes for a complete combustion. Together these products combine easy cold starts, excellent gas response, more power and reduced engine scale to a minimum. Waterproof connectors are used with grooved gaskets, in order to make electrical connections to the 6M-2. These connectors are well bonded to ensure reliable and safe connections from water, oil, gas and other boat-related substances. In order to protect the electrical circuit of the 6M-2 against marine conditions, the whole unit is immersed in composite polyurethane

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