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Msd Race coils 2.0TSI Ea888 3rd gen Vw Golf Mk7 Gti Mk7 Audi A3 S3 8V TT 8S

 47,55 Tax excl.

We’ve always occupied ignition upgrades, and for this reason we’re pleased to offer our customers and ignition kit in worthy of the best updates from stage 1 to stage 3. We remember you that improving the ignitions enabled more enhanced. With high power flame and kw give to your engine a very fast response on gas pedal on low mid and high rpm . Definitely with a big turbo manage the ignition is vital to avoid delays of burns and therefore any sudden loss or inaccurate, uncontrolled combustion caused by auto detonation with damaging on valves and pistons, rings and so on.

Also a good and reliable ignition system can keep clean the valves by carbonous scales allowing a perfect closure on the head and long lasting life to the various components of the piston bands included.